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I presently have a brand-new Top-Of- The-Line State-Of- The-Art Digital DJ And Karaoke System with a pair of JBL 2000-Watt SRX815P Powered Speakers as my main speakers, giving me a 4000-Watt sound system to work with, [over $100,000 worth of Sound, Lighting and Music]. These have, by far, the nicest sound for their size, the fullest bass and frequency response, and are as distortion free as you can get, so you are getting more music and less noise. I also have a smaller pair of JBL speakers that I use for the Ceremony and Cocktail Hour when needed. And where most Digital DJ’s use a Laptop for their music, I not only use a Duo-core Laptop, but a full blown PC as well with the same Software and Music Library on both! So, I have no fear of having my computer crashing!

Whenever I do a party, I have found that by using the right “Disco” lights, it adds a lot of atmosphere to the party. I have found that by using a combination of Lights, a real Lighting System, it can help to make any party more “Festive”. And now, I am using several of the latest State Of The Art LED Disco Lights which use only a fraction of the power of the older style Lights, yet create an exciting addition to any type of function. The LED Lights allow us to add more Lights with less worry about blowing fuses or circuit breakers because they do not use nearly as much power. I also own State of the Art Dual Red and Green Lasers for use at Weddings and Parties.

I also own the latest in UV/Black Lights, for use when they are called for at an additional fee, as well as, LED Uplights to add Atmosphere and Panache for an additional fee. Nothing makes a party more festive than my lighting system!

There was a time when I used to carry over 700 CD’s with me to most of the “Dj” parties that I did. That’s over 10,000 songs. But, now that I am Digital, I have nearly 50,000 songs in my digital collection, approximately 30,000 songs in my Digital DJ Library, and over 20,000 songs in my Digital Karaoke Library (ethnic music as well). I no longer use Cassettes, or Mini-disks, or even CD’s. And, I have a very wide genre of Music in different categories, Top 40, C&W, Latin, Techno, etc, and I am constantly adding to the library in order to stay as Current as possible and fulfil requests; everything from Big Band and Standards to whatever is current today. I also give my clients the Option to request a couple of dozen songs that they think they might like to hear or dance to, whatever is important to them, or their “favourites”, in advance of their function. This is especially useful for Ethnic and Karaoke Parties. And, if there should be a really important song that wasn’t on the list, and it is available on ITunes, I can usually download it and play it right off of my smart-phone.

When I do “Karaoke” shows, I use the Digital unit as well. I usually use a minimum of 4 wireless microphones for the singers. That way, groups can sing together, as is the case in many Karaoke Parties. Most Karaoke shows only use only one or two microphones, and rarely are they wireless. I use a 15” Flat Screen Flat Panel Monitor for the singers to read the lyrics off of. And now I have procured a 60 inch projection screen and 2 powerful projectors, that gives me the ability to not only do karaoke but to do Sing-A- Longs where the crowd can see the lyrics on the projection screen at the same time as the singers see them on the 15-inch flat screen monitor. I may very well be the only digital DJ capable of doing this. Put it all together and it is the Perfect Package to have a Fun Party!

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