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As stated in the dictionary, “Paradise” is a heavenly place of great beauty and delight. My goal is to make every event as delightful and easy on you as is possible, whether it is a small intimate party or a large gathering.

Disc Jockey Services

Few companies can claim to have the experience I have in successfully supplying my services to clubs, weddings, parties, and events. A “Bargain” DJ is no “Bargain” if he can’t make a party happen. I have the variety of Music and Equipment it takes to make a Party Fun.


The Karaoke craze started catching on here in South Florida several years ago. Much easier to do than the old “Singing Machines”, Even a novice can belt out the words as they change color on my 15” video monitor. The secret of “Karaoke” is not necessarily “how good you are”, but “how much fun you can have”! A good Karaoke host with a good sound system and an extensive library can make a party lively whether it is a party of 15 people or 150. And, a DJ and Karaoke combination can give you the best of both worlds where you can sing and dance the night away. And now, I am one of the few Karaoke Hosts that can boast of having up to 4 wireless microphones for the singers use at his Karaoke shows. (Spanish Karaoke is also available.)

Sing-A- Longs

And now I have a 60-inch projection screen in 2 powerful projectors, [one of which is a backup] enabling me to do sing-alongs where the crowd can see the words on the projection screen simultaneously as the singers do on their 15-inch monitor.

Theme Party Suggestions

The “Ultimate” in parties is of course a Theme Party, where you add a uniform decor usually mixed with music like a thread that weaves in and out of a material. If you can think of a theme, we can more than likely come up with the appropriate music to match and astonish (of course).

  • Big Band and Swing: The Music of the Big Band Era and World War II. Picture the music of Glenn Miller, people dancing, and the light illuminated off of the Digital Led Mirror Ball.
  • 50’s: Bobby Socks and Poodle Skirts dancing to the hits of the 50’s and 60’s, Rockin’ Around The Clock
  • 70’s Disco: Polyester Shirts and Bell Bottom Trousers doing the “Hustle” or the “Bus Stop” across the floor, all the while being splashed by the colored lights.
  • BEACH PARTY LUAU: Island Music befitting the occasion, or the Beach Boys for the California Sound.
  • Luaus, Polynesian, and Beach Parties: A specialty for South Florida, we have been organizing Beach Parties for over 20 years. The “Beach Party” is always fun whether it’s Hawaiian Music, or Beach Music from the 60’s.
  • Casino Parties: Always a big hit for young and old, whether it’s a Charity Event, Fundraiser, or just a party. The music can vary from that of the “Rat Pack” for an older crowd, to whatever type of music your heart desires. A “Speakeasy” atmosphere is always fun, complete with a 1920’s Police Raid.
  • Sports: Sports Memorabilia for decor to suit favorite teams.
  • Country/ Western: Cowboy Hats and Cowboy Boots movin’ to the sound of your favorite Country and Western Music of any era.
  • Mash Party: Military Garb and Hospital scrubs mingling to the sounds of the music from the late 40’s and early 50’s.
  • Ballroom: The music of the Tango, Cha Cha, Foxtrot, Meringue, or the Waltz.
  • You tell us what theme you want, and let us do the rest to match the music to
    your event!

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