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Every time I do a wedding or party of any kind, I work with an assistant, so there are two of. I believe in the power of twos. I use two computers, not just one. I have at least two complete sound systems with me at all times. So, when I am on the dance floor, running the bouquet or the Garter toss at a wedding, my assistant is running the sound system for me. What good is a wireless mic if you have to run back to the booth to start the music or change the song.

The same thing when we do the line dances. If I’m out on the dance floor, showing people how to do the latest line dance, my assistant is running the sound system for me, stopping, starting, and changing the music. That is a much more professional way of running a wedding reception than trying to do it all by yourself.

Most disc jockeys don’t carry the amount of equipment that I do. But, if I knew how to do what I do with any less, I would.

And I give all my brides the option if they wish to give me a list about the three dozen songs that they think they would like played at the reception. And I have a brand-new smart phone in case of any obscure special requests that I don’t already have. I can download it on my phone and play it right off of that. I’ve had a wedding where the bride gave me a list of every song she wanted played. They didn’t dance very much, but the bride was happy and I was glad to oblige her.

Wedding Facts

Here Are Some Interesting Facts!

After The Vows Couples said…..

  • Almost 100% say they would have spent more of their budget on the entertainment.
  • Brides say that during wedding planning, their highest priority was their attire, followed by the reception site and caterer – reception entertainment is among the least of their priorities. Within one week after their reception, 78% of Brides say they would have made the entertainment their highest priority!
  • When asked 81% of guests say the thing they remember most about a wedding is the entertainment.
  • 65% of all couples that chose a band to entertain at their wedding, said, if they had it to do over again, they would have chosen a disc jockey.


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Making Your Memories…

Together we plan your special day – the type music and mood you wish,

the special songs for those special dances


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